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In the series "eventualities", short, pragmatic moments are displayed as an intersection between two acts. The images mark a pause between one act and another, as a transitory moment that opens up possibilities and closes them soon after. The unfinished duration of an instant, animates the viewer to imagine not only a moment before, but also one afterwards, to transcend the presence of time in the photograph. Therefore, the image is not still, but proceeds in the viewer´s perception.

The protagonists appear as in a state of absent-mindedness and seclusion. The photographs seem to outline the most quiet moment of an action, a holding position between a starting point and an end. It stays unclear, if the depicted moments are captured and the protagonist stayed unaware about their photographic doubling. Even, if hints were given, the answer would not assure the authenticity or credibility of the image, because the here displayed human posture seems absent-minded or unconscious, but looks just like a pose that seems frozen in an intentional play.
The depicted postures question the gap between a pose and a non-pose.